Coming up with a scene.

Yea I need to come with a scene for tonight.

I’m thing about texting her sometime to night telling her to stay up, get prepared and get in her Kitty suit. And to greet me at the door when I get home.

And from there some training and other fun things.

I’m desperately wanting/needing something like this.

Kitty’s Master loves his Kitty, she in his. But he will bend her to his will.


the rules

Kitty, a must read.


God, what rules? I mean, I remember I wrote a list here a few months ago, right? Talking proudly about our rules? And hey, no surprises here – they’ve fallen by the wayside. Rules, I’m discovering, are less about “here is how it will be”, and more about “here is what I expect of you”. He changes what he wants, and I adjust. We may negotiate (sometimes of the “I love you and respect you and let’s work this through together” variety, and sometimes more like “Really? Strip. Present. Shut up.” and rough sex ensues), but the real essence of rules is that they are him dictating to me what to do. No more, no less.

Rules may exist for a night, a play, a week, or until he decides otherwise. My cunt is shaved or very closely trimmed all the time, because that’s a no-brainer. Why would I change…

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So I haven’posted in awhile.

So, where do I begin?

I’m trying a new approach on getting her onboard, btw. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research.

I guess with the start of last weekend, me and kitty where discussing a lot of things related to our relationship, trying to figure things out. I had her read somethings on how I wanted things to be, and she’s starting to understand what I want.

I come how Friday night from work, (I work 2nd) and we start taking about Bdsm and other things related to it on the couch in the living room.As we are talking I get the urge to play with her tits. I do so, all while still talking. I get a surprised reaction, but no real resistance. Good, girl. Something comes up that I did, and I say I can make it up too you. I’m still playing with Kitty’s tits at this time, but I pull up her shirt, and start sucking on her nipples, one of my favorite things to do. And reach down to her pussy, getting wetter by the minute. Very good girl. I get her nice and primed, then strip off her pants while undressing myself. Not giving a fuck if anyone can see into our windows. And then proceeded to fuck her nice and good, till we both had fucking awesome organisms.

Saturday night.

I asked Kitty, after she put our child down for the night, if she showered yet today. She said no. So I waited a little bit, and then took her hand and brought her to the bathroom. I start undressing her, turn on the shower and get her in. I start washing her, Kitty likes. As I’m washing, I start playing with her, Kitty likes also. I rise her off, then I go in for the kill. As we are still in the shower I start aggressively making out with her and playing with her. When she is nice and wet(not from the water, lol), I bent her over and entered her from behind. I thrust hard for awhile, then I grabbed her hair and pulled using it for leverage and thrusted even harder. I say we where in there for a good 20 minutes, before I shut the water off and dried her and myself off. I got her to the bed room and grabbed my cock ring, and a blindfold.  I put on my cock ring, bend her over yet again on the bed and blindfold her. I enter her, god it felt great, and fucked her hard some more. Going at it for I think 20 more minutes, before I can’t take it anymore and filled her sweet pussy up with my cum.

And that’s where the fun ended. (For now hopefully.)

Sunday Night.

It came all unraveled. I found out she’s been lying to me about money, she’s in deep shit with me. So much so she has betrayed my trust. It’s recoverable, but still it hurts to have another woman do something like this to me. I went to bed and she put her arm on me, I said “You have a lot of explaining to do in the morning.” About 10 minutes later, she said “Why?”. “You know why.” And from there is was on, all of her lies where exposed.

The next day, I’m still upset. So while I was in the shower, I had an Idea, it’s time for Kitty’s first true punishment. I finish in the shower, dry myself, and wrap myself in a towel. I called for Kitty upstairs, and tell her to go into the bedroom. I tell her to take off her pants and to bend over on the bed. “I haven’t showered” she said. “I’m not going to fuck you.” I said. She cooperated, and then I asked her why I’m going to spank her. “Because I’m terrible.” she said. “Not because you’re terrible, but because you lied to me, you betrayed my trust.” So I give her one hard smack on one cheek, she winched severely in pain. And another hard smack on the other, she falls on her side visibly in pain. I ended it, so safe word used, but I knew I couldn’t go no further without destroying what I’ve built so far with us. It helped with my anger for the moment. But we will work through this and our budding D/S-M/S relationship too.

I love you Kitty, I know you think I hate you right now, but I don’t. It’s that I’m hurt, and when I’m hurt I get mad. We will get through this, you just got to work with me.

Kitty’s Master loves his Kitty, she in his. But he will bend her to his will.

Even more thoughts.

I realize now that I just didn’t want to train her, I wanted to ravish her also.

I didn’t use much time from the other night to train her, I did a little in form of verbal, blow job training, and restraints. She did learn(I hope lol) a little of
what I wanted from her. But I should have went more in-depth. I was too sexually charged. But when she is in her Kitty role she is my Sex Slave, I’m supposed to use her right? Even then from when we started the other night she did excellent, she made me proud, from her punishment to her training, she listened to me pretty well.

So next time we enter training. I’m going to focus on training for a longer period of time. Things like positions and summbition reinforcement to bring her in line with what I want. Then ravish the fuck out of her like bad little slutty Kitty she is.

Kitty’s Master loves his Kitty, she in his. But he will bend her to his will.

List of long term goals for my submissive Kitty.

A list of goals to break some barriers of my Kitty:

1. To get her to fully cooperate.
2. To accept and swallow my cum.
3 . To freely finger, toy, and plug her own ass on command, and maybe for herself without command. Because I know she is truly an anal slut.
4. To come to me without command and begging me to dominate her.
5. To come up with submissive scenarios for herself. Just let your imagination run wild.
6. To communicate more about our D/SS relationship. Including blogging about it.
7. A really big one. To have her clit hood pierced. I love pierced clits.
More to come…..

Kitty’s Master loves his Kitty, she in his. But he will bend her to his will.